Cattle business division

Agrofeed Ltd. is continuously strengthening the leading role it plays on the Hungarian cattle feed market, owing, in a significant degree, to the use of the most recent scientific findings and practical results. The objective of our cattle feeding programme is to inform our partners of these results, by means of incorporating them into our products, thereby facilitating maximum cattle production and profitability and preserving the good health condition of the animals.

Agrofeed's Cattle Feeding Programme is made up of three building blocks:

  • dairy cattle feeding programme
  • calf and young feeding programme
  • professional services

Our own and our contacted specialist veterinary experts, disposing of foreign and international experience, offer a comprehensive prevention service extending to investigating the reasons and background of any potential animal health issues. They provide proven treatment solutions backed up by laboratory tests. We offer clients a veterinary consultation opportunity in relation to the use of our products.

Agrofeed Ltd. offers its buyers and partners versatile and free specialist veterinary consultancy, which extends to issues related to farm creation, stable preparation, stock reception and raising and feeding, as well as breeding stock production. The employees of Agrofeed Ltd. visit your farm, investigate the prevailing conditions, help you in assessing problematic issues and propose potential solutions.
The animal health service also extends to prevention programmes, including the creation and updating of vaccination programmes.

Relying on its good relations with university and institutional laboratories, Agrofeed offers complex analyses and recommendations for attaining the best result.

This includes:

  • The adapting of conditions to the requirements of the animals
  • Prevention and treatment programmes
  • The monitoring of processes

The Agrofeed professionals offer efficient solutions for illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi, as well as the treatment and prevention of conditions caused by parasites. Cost efficient production is only possible with a healthy stock, therefore preserving the health of the animals is our mutual interest.


We are certain that you are committed to optimizing the milk production of your dairy cattle. However, it is indispensable for improving the genetic capabilities of your cattle that you continuously monitor the nutrients consumed by your stock.

Agrofeed Ltd. is up to the challenge when it comes to the cost efficient maximization of the genetic capabilities of high capacity stock, based on the latest feed research results.

Let us present to you Agrofeed's cattle feeding programme.

  • The programme's primary objective is to offer a product that ensures a balanced supply of nutrients and efficient milk production in all periods.
  • Agrofeed's feeding programme supports high dry matter absorption, which ensures an excellent energy and protein supply.
  • It formulates rumen microbe efficiency, which is a precondition for the digestion of feeds, especially fibre.
  • The feeding programme contributes to the prolongation of the lives of the your cattle, as well as improving the stock's reproduction biology characteristics.
  • Our feeding programme offers you the chance to maximize the milk production ability of your stock of dairy cattle amidst cost efficient conditions.
  • The special products made available to you as part of the programme are adapted to the mass feed base of your farm.

Agrofeed's cattle feeding programme also extends to fully answering any questions and requests our clients may have and to the quick formulation of precise solutions 

Our services therefore extend to:

  • analysing the composition of feeds,
  • optimizing feeding rations, with the aid of which your cows can continuously and efficiently deliver high production rates,
  • a veterinary service, which extends to the prevention and reduction of disease instances based on metabolism profile tests,
  • as well as the compilation of business analyses which provide you with clear-cut answers as to the costs of feeding your stock.