AGROFEED Ltd. took over the professional management of the Artificial Insemination Station in Bag in October 2012. Our goal is to continuously produce and make available to our partners excellent quality, genetically independent semen. We have briefly summarized the activities carried out since taking over the facility:

Our first task was the complete reviewing of the plant, after which we compiled a procurement plan for meeting the following objectives:

  • To purchase and keep at the facility 160-180 hybrid males of the highest genetic quality and animal health status
  • To produce, appraise, process and make available to our partners excellent quality semen
  • Traceable (RETREIVABLE) and precise data collection and sample control for ALL ejaculates
  • To modernize and automate lab work processes and to apply the most up-to-date technologies in sperm processing

We don't think that the benefits or the necessity of any of the above steps could be questioned, however fast implementing was no easy task. We will now briefly assess the changes we introduced (or are currently implementing) for this purpose, as well as the progress made and our long-term objectives.

Our first task was the screening of the males kept at the facility, based on the below criteria.

  • based on age, genotype, breeding value and visual examination of current condition
  • based on sperm production and sperm quality, with special regard to morphology and suitability for keeping
  • based on the above we retained some 70 males at the farm while scrapping 30-40 animals

Afterwards we sat down and conducted negotiations with genetics suppliers. In the future we are intending to work with the following genotypes in Bag:

  • TOPIGS terminal lines (Talent, Tempo)
  • Austrian extra prolific NF lines (French Hyperproliferative lines)
  • Austrian Lowland lines
  • DANBRED Duroc terminal males

Based on our negotiations with the breeding organizations, we request that specimens representing the highest own performance and breeding value are exclusively supplied. Being familiar with the Hungarian grandparent and great grandparent situation, we are exclusively purchasing males capable of an IMPROVING impact, the supplier farm results of which we requested in advance from the breeding organizations. The keeping of the above breeds at traditional Hungarian pig farms is difficult and they are difficult to adapt. However, the high animal health status and the best possible breeding conditions prevalent at our facility (air conditioned premises, unique straw bedding system, use of only the highest quality feed bases and supplements, continuous supervision and treatment by a vet) support their adapting and the production of excellent quality sperm.

In summary, the above lines and breeds meet even the highest expectations and can be perfectly adapted to the genetic structure of domestic breeding farms. In the long run we will even recommend breeds based on the review and genetic analysis of a given farm, as well as preparing a breeding plan, if required, for partners with a long term cooperation intent.