The 200-sow experimental farm of Agrofeed Ltd. operates in the vicinity of Győr, in Lovászpatona (Vivafarm Ltd.). We established this farm for conducting feeding experiments.

Our goal is to test our own feed products and those of our partners/clients amidst farming conditions (premixes, compound feeds, feed additives). With our feed experiments we strive to improve product quality and thereby promote high quality and efficient livestock production in Hungary.

"A key advancement often results from nothing more, than the minor modification of an existing formula." (Ray Kurzweil)

Farm structure


  • Genetics: (NF x L) F1 x DanAvl Duroc
    We are currently introducing Dan Avl (DanBred) genetics at the farm
  • Health: Free of four principal disorders, APP and dysentery
  • Insemination: Post cervical method
  • Pregnancy period: 116 days
  • Lactation period: 28 days
  • Flooring: full-slatted
  • Slurry system: lagoons, 5000 m3 capacity slurry basin
  • Ventilation: wall inlet valves, exhaust ventilators
  • Heating-hot water: tanked gas, solar cells, heating blankets (under covering plates)
  • Cooling: evaporative cooling pads (corridor), high-pressure fogging system for cooling (sows)
  • Hygiene: „all-in all-out” system, feed storage, shipping ramp, cold storage room for
  • dead pigs with outside farm access, black&white dressing rooms
  • Water supply: hydro-globe tower, deep-drilled well
  • Watering: cup drinkers
  • Feeding: feed silos, automatic feeders:
    • sows: Jyga-Gestal Solo; Big Dutchman-Easy slider
    • piglets: Domino feeders
    • fatteners: Big Dutchman-Jumbo

Feeding experiments

Experimental conditions Lactating sow Piglet Shoat Fattener
Treatment 2 ≥2 2≥4 2≥4
Stock size 20 200 50-200 50-200
Repeat count 10 10 2 2
Parameters monitored during the experiment
  • Body mass
    1. individual
    2. group
  • Feed consumption
    1. individual
    2. group
  • Water consumption
    1. individual
    2. group
  • Marking
    1. individual
    2. group
Experiment documentation
  1. Preparation of protocol
  2. Preparation of experimental formula
  3. Production of experimental feed
  4. Production of information, measurements, notes (health condition, special conditions, e.g. weather), photos and videos
  5. Laboratory testing of experimental feed
  6. Liaisons with the client (personal, email, telephone)
  7. Calculation of production results
  8. Preparation of expert opinion and experiment report
Vivafarm Ltd. pig experiments staff:
  • Tibor Csitkovics: owner
  • Tibor Csizmazia: managing director
  • Kálmán Bolla: pig business division manager
  • Péter Gervald: farm manager
  • Botond Alpár: manager responsible for pig experiments
  • Ferenc Lankó: pig feeding consultant
  • Rita Horváth: recording and analysis of experiment data; client relations