The offer of Agrofeed LTD. is competitive in terms of both quality and prices. We flexibly accommodate varying and often unique partner requirements on our domestic and export markets. Our premix types include:

  1. Uniform premixes
    • 0.25-0.5% premixes – fundamentally composed of vitamins, micro elements and excipients, and in some instances: supplementary enzymes.
    • 1.0-2.0% premixes – in addition to vitamins and micro elements, they also contain synthetic amino acids, enzymes and other supplements (aroma, etc.) Potentially even a macro element (salt or MCP).
  2. Complete premixes
    • 2.5-4% premixes – contain the vitamins, micro elements, macro elements (Ca, P, Na, Mg), synthetic amino acids, enzymes and other additives necessary for the given age group.
  • 6-12% super concentrates of supplements – in addition to a complete premix part they also contain some sort of special protein, energy or fibre source. In addition to grains, some protein or energy supplement is needed when mixing the ready-made product.
  • 14-30% comprehensive concentrates – when mixing ready-made feeds only grains (wheat, barley, maize, triticale etc.) need to be added.
  • We also manufacture excellent quality ready-made feeds primarily for the domestic market. Top quality is guaranteed by our Duth Van Aarsen machinery. We manufacture coarse meal and granulated feeds for piglets, fatteners and sows in bulk or in bags
  • Our Zeus breeding male feed is used in the major male farms of Hungary.

In the field of feeds for piglets our company has been cooperating with Federico Gentili and Dr. Antonio Broso veterinary experts since 2006, and with the Italian Carra Mangimi company since 2008. Our list of products includes quality baby feeds and prestarter feeds produced in the CARRA Mangimi factory in Parma:

  1. TUTTI babystarter, grit feed for sucklings. Use:
    • promoting the early feed consumption of sows; from the age of 3-5 days to 20 days,
    • in the event of early separation (19-21 days); from the age of 3-4 days to 28-35 days, as a feed alternative,
    • for improving the condition of weaker piglets after separation.
  2. MEGAPRO prestarter, granulated – extra quality intensive piglet feed. Use:
    • in the event of separation after 28 days or later; from the age of 7 days to 42 days
    • as a follow-up to TUTTI babystarter; from the age of 21 days to 42 days
  3. VIVAPRO prestarter, granulated – quality piglet feed until the age of 42 days
    • as a follow-up to TUTTI babystarter; from the age of 21 days to 42 days

In accordance with the animal health status of the given farm, different medicine added versions of our piglet feeds are also available.


  1. Toxin absorbents – JEFO SP, Toxfin
  2. Protected acidifier, plant oils – VivaCap S
  3. Fish meal substitute products – FMR-Omega, SPC 56
  4. Powdered whey substitute - Sweelac
  5. Milk substitute for young piglets – Nutrilac Plus
  6. Oral life-saving paste for for sucklings – Piggy Lift
  7. Anti-ulcer supplement - Hydroxal