Fitoprodukt Ltd., ALM Ltd. and Vivafarm Pig Slaughterhouse Lábod Ltd. operate as part of a closed vertical integration, in the southern section of Somogy County, predominantly in the vicinity of the city of Barcs.
The primary products of the integration include: Half carcasses, live fattening pigs, sowing seeds, sunflower for agricultural use. The classical agricultural crops produced are used within the integration.

  • Size of corporate group: the overall annual sales revenues of the companies forming part of the integration amount s to around 7-8 billion HUF
  • Headquarters: 7557 Barcs-Somogytarnóca, Szabadság u 64.
  • Owners: Hungarian private individuals
  • Corporate ties: Agrofeed Ltd., Vivagent Ltd., Vivafarm Lovászpatona Ltd.,
  • Activities of Fitoprodukt Ltd: plant production (1300 hectares), classical crop rotation, alfalfa, fodder radish and sunflower production. Alfalfa pellet plant, crop drying and feed mixing plant, pig breeding plant (500 sows) and fattening plant (of a capacity of 1900 animals). The fattening plant operates in Mernyeszentmiklós, while the other facilities operate in Somogytarnóca.
  • Activities of ALM Ltd.: plant production (app. 650 hectares), classical crop rotation, alfalfa, fodder radish and sunflower production and pig reproduction plant (200 sows), third party fattening plant (of a capacity of 1500 animals) and workshop. All plant units are based in Somogytarnóca, with the exception of the third party fattening activity (which is based in Hőgyész).
  • Activities of Vivafarm Pig Slaughterhouse Lábod Ltd.: Slaughterhouse suitable for the annual slaughtering of 70,000 pigs per year. The plant operates in Lábod, in south-west Hungary.
  • Quality assurance: HACCP
  • Staff headcount (as of 30 September 2017): Fitoprodukt Ltd.: 23 employees, ALM Ltd.: 116 employees, Vivafarm Lábod Pig Slaughterhouse Ltd.: 36 employees, altogether: 175 employees
  • Contact: S. Tibor Csordás, Managing Director, 00-36-309207145,