Agrofeed Ltd. produces and distributes feed premixes, concentrates, prestarter feeds and other feed supplements for all types of livestock.
Agrofeed Ltd. supplies quality products and basic materials to its domestic and international partners. Our premix and compound feed recipes, compiled in line with the genetics, farming technology and feeding requirements, as well as the production targets of up-to-date animal husbandry, are prepared in consideration of the most recent research and practical results and international recommendations.

Our products are in all instances created in consideration of the expectations and the unique characteristics of our partners.

The most important requirements are:

  1. excellent quality
  2. reliability
  3. high yield

Our partners can select from more than 1000 products to find the one that is best suited to their unique needs. Our experienced colleagues continuously develop our products, based on the most recent livestock feeding results. When improving our products, our number one objective is enabling our partners to save money and increase production security through their use.

When preparing premix recipes, Agrofeed Ltd. takes into consideration the farm characteristics of our existing and future partners, the poultry species and hybrids kept and the available feed mixing facilities. Our professional team considers our partners' basic material opportunities and then determines the most optimum mixing quantities. Our consultants monitor stock development and are at our partners' disposal with continuous consultancy. The goal is attaining the best possible result!

  1. Uniform premixes
    • High nutrient value, concentrated premixes that contain the necessary micro elements and vitamins, enzymes and feed additives.
  2. Complete premixes
    • Higher mix-in ratio premixes that contain the necessary micro elements and vitamins, as well as macro elements, enzymes and feed additives.
    • The feeds are of an amino acid ratio that is ideal for the animals. In the course of optimization we consider the recommendations of the companies selling hybrids.
    • If required, different feed additives (enzymes, toxin absorbers, colouring agents, etc.) or veterinary preparations (e.g. coccidiostats) are added to the premixes.

Our concentrates contain the

  1. vitamins
  2. micro elements
  3. macro elements and
  4. basic materials containing protein necessary for the animals.

If required, different feed additives or veterinary preparations are added to the premixes.

  1. The Export Business Division meets the chick, aquaculture, piglet, calf and lamb prestarter feed demand of the partners operating in the international markets of the Buisness Division. The products meet the special nutrient and quality related requirements of young animals, thereby contributing to the early formulation of the digestive and the immune system and capitalizing on early growth potential.
  2. In countries that share a border with Hungary, we are also able to meet the special compound feed demand of our partners operating in our company's relative vicinity.

The ever increasing product line of feed supplements includes substances that contribute, through different mechanisms, to preserving the health of the animals, increasing their yields, improving their feed utilization and also the quality of their produce, as well as contributing to the high quality of the feed, by means of:

  • improving the nutrient supply of the animals (artificially produced amino acids, urea)
  • positive impact on the flora of the alimentary canal (anti-, pro- and prebiotics)
  • improving the digestibility of nutrients (enzyme preparations)
  • improving the quantity of feed consumed (flavouring supplements)
  • protecting certain nutrients (antioxidants).