We support the activities of our partners with free specialist consultancy services provided in the following fields:

  • Feed recipe optimization,
  • Feeding consultancy,
  • Sharing of farming technology experiences,
  • Animal health consultancy,
  • Laboratory testing of basic materials and feeds,
  • Feed production plant technology assistance.

Our fully trained experts disposing of significant practical experience collaborate with our partners in the interest of together finding adequate solutions for the issues encountered in the course of production.


Our own and our contacted specialist veterinary experts, disposing of foreign and international experience, offer a comprehensive prevention service extending to investigating the reasons and background of any potential animal health issues. They provide proven treatment solutions backed up by laboratory tests. We offer clients a veterinary consultation opportunity in relation to the use of our products.

Agrofeed Ltd. offers its buyers and partners versatile and free specialist veterinary consultancy, which extends to issues related to farm creation, stable preparation, stock reception and raising and feeding, as well as breeding stock production. The employees of Agrofeed Ltd. visit your farm, investigate the prevailing conditions, help you in assessing problematic issues and propose potential solutions.

The animal health service also extends to prevention programmes, including the creation and updating of vaccination programmes. Relying on its good relations with university and institutional laboratories, Agrofeed offers complex analyses and recommendations for attaining the best result.

This includes:

  • The adapting of conditions to the requirements of the animals
  • Prevention and treatment programmes
  • The monitoring of processes

Agrofeed's professionals offer efficient solutions for illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi, as well as the treatment and prevention of conditions caused by parasites. Cost efficient production is only possible with a healthy stock, therefore preserving the health of the animals is our mutual interest.

All our animal are selected from amongst specimens of the species offering our partners the most significant benefits.

Our objectives are:

  1. The production of excellent quality semen,
  2. Maximum security,
  3. Traceability.

Agrofeed's experimental farm created in Lovászpatona provides perfect conditions for conducting feed, genetics, technological and medicine experiments.

We strongly believe that farm testing is an indispensable part of modern product development and that the best laboratory is the breeding animal itself.

The involvement of VIVAFARM Ltd. in our professional development activities enables us to make confident recommendations to our partners, as far as our products are concerned.

The creation of a feeding concept adapted to the special needs of a given company or farm requires that the experts of the premix and feed compound manufacturing firms collaborate in the interest of creating an optimum feeding programme and efficient monitoring.

Agrofeed Plus Programme = “functional feeding”

  • high vitamin levels using quality vitamins,
  • optimum macro-element content formulation,
  • use of easily absorbed microelements and organic macroelements,
  • synthetic amino acid supplement alternatives,
  • special additives,
  • efficient feed supplements.

In addition to offering premix and feed supplement products, we also offer our partners regular feeding, technology, animal health and, if required, management consultancy activities.