Our own and our contacted specialist poultry veterinary experts disposing of foreign and international experience offer a comprehensive prevention, bio-safety and vaccination service extending to investigating the reasons and background of any potential animal health issues. They provide proven treatment solutions backed up by laboratory tests and can participate in the formulation of coccidiostat programmes. We offer clients a veterinary consultation opportunity in relation to the use of our products.

Agrofeed Ltd. offers its buyers and partners versatile and free specialist veterinary consultancy, which extends to issues related to farm creation, stable preparation, stock reception, raising and feeding and breeding stock production. The professionals of Agrofeed Ltd. visit your farm, investigate the prevailing conditions, help you in assessing problematic issues and propose potential solutions.

The veterinary service also extends to prevention programmes, including the creation and updating of vaccination programmes.

  • Analysis of vitamin, mineral and feed additive programmes
  • Qualification of coccidiostat programmes
  • Appraisal of vaccines and vaccine use, recommendation for the updating of programmes

Agrofeed offers the opportunity of on-site stock testing, including the supplementary examinations deemed to be necessary. Stock reviews also extend to keeping and feeding conditions, with special regard to temperatures, ventilation, air quality tests, lighting and light intensity issues, drinking water and feed quality, as well as the extent to which the animals have access to these. The inspection of the animals in the location where they are kept, the on-site examination of sick specimens and the necropsy conducted in dedicated premises all form part of the diagnostic service. Relying on its good relations with university and institutional laboratories, Agrofeed offers complex analyses and recommendations for attaining the best result. These include:

  • The adapting of conditions to the requirements of the animal
  • Prevention and treatment programmes
  • The monitoring of processes

Agrofeed professionals offer efficient solutions for illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi, as well as the treatment and prevention of conditions caused by parasites. Cost efficient production is only possible with a healthy stock, therefore preserving the health of the animals is our mutual interest.


Comprehensive feeding consultancy, preliminary mix recommendation and feed recipe compilation, professional cooperation related to recipe development, information and new developments.

  1. We offer a company and poultry farm specific feeding programme to our existing and future partners. We offer a preliminary mix (panel, premix, concentrate) that can be readily mixed in by a feed mixing plant and that offers a high quality solution for meeting the nutrient demand of the animals. For this purpose, it is indispensable that we are familiar with the technical capabilities and condition of the given feed mixing plant.
  2. Nutrient and cost optimization of compound feed recipes, compilation of feed lines of a composition in accordance with the different life stages and development and performance requirements of the animals, definition of feeding times and quantities for the different feed phases.
  1. Compilation of cost efficient feed lines adapted to the given farm (in line with the condition, technological capabilities and performance expectations of the farm), designation of the nutrient values of the basic materials of feeds, creation of mixing recipes and calculation of feed line prices, if required.
  2. Inspection of the feed and premix recipes of our partners; recipe maintenance and monitoring of changes in basic materials.
  3. Agrofeed's technical experts provide assistance with respect to solving the technical or professional problems of feed mixing plants, planning renovations, solving the manufacturing technology problems encountered and solving the problems related to mixing the different feed basic materials.

Agrofeed Ltd. assists the activities of its partners with consultancy, which extends to all activities and processes that are related to the raising and keeping of poultry and that improve efficiency.

Based on a pre-negotiated appointment, our professionals perform troubleshooting and investment related consultancy. Our comprehensive farm management service extends to ventilation and air quality, bedding quality, stable preparation, temperatures, drinking water, lighting programmes, etc., as well as innovation and improvement consultancy delivered on site.

  • Design and implementation of poultry farms, raising facilities and technological equipment. Modernization of older farms with the objective of efficiency improvement.
  • Management of poultry farms, organization of activities, provision of professional materials.
  • Compilation and compliance with farm hygiene, epizooty and animal health requirements.
  • Planning of service period work processes; implementation of fast and high quality work activities. Organization of the rotation of cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • Hygiene related sampling, highlighting of the importance of the water cleansing apparatus and its utilization, water testing.
  • Importance of bedding and information on the characteristics of different bedding materials.
  • Organization of chick reception and first week of raising. Recommendations related to the number of feed phases and respective quantities, information on the importance of the proper physical appearance of feeds during raising. Formulation of preventive vitamin programme.
  • Proposing solutions for technological problems encountered during the raising period: heating, ventilation, humidity, bedding management, lighting programme.
  • Highlighting for broiler stock the financial and technological significance of removal from the hatcher. Prevention or mitigation of quality issues in the course of transportation. Compliance with hygiene and epizooty requirements.