Quality Assurance

The main pillar of the quality control policy of Agrofeed Ltd. is to be a significant participant of the food chain with the best quality products. Modern production technology allows us to offer stable and reliable quality, which is the primary aim of Agrofeed Ltd. Reaching this goal requires commitment from all of our employees and professionals, as well as excellent cooperation with suppliers.

Production and distribution of the whole product structure is controlled by the Fami-Q internationally recognized and regularly audited production security systems implemented by the company, while an ISO 22000-2005 system provides additional security. Our quality control system includes an HACCP programme which covers all stages and elements of our production activity.

Before producing any of our own products, we regularly control and evaluate all suppliers and their goods. Using a Navision system and eAn code system in the course of production and storage, we can meet all quality requirements linked to traceability and identification. Raw materials and finished products go through regular control, which takes place in our own laboratory and also in other accredited laboratories in Hungary, and are complemented by tests conducted by the internationally recognized LUFA Western European laboratory group.