Research and development

Agrofeed Ltd. provides its domestic and international partners with quality products and raw materials. Premixes are formulated for all species based on genetic, technological and production requirements and on the feeding strategies of modern animal husbandry, in consideration of the latest research and practical results, as well as international recommendations.

The company's development activities are primarily centred around creating products that meet the requirements of the different animal age groups. A significant part of the more than 1,000 feed premixes are products that are based on individual requirements, which take into consideration, in the maximum possible extent, the characteristics of the given animal, the given species and type and the given farm

In addition to domestic and international literature, the research results of basic material manufacturers and the feeding experiments and the practical knowledge of our professionals, we also build our development activities on the experiences of the experts of our partners, which are a significant help in our efforts aimed at further development.

The test farm in Lovászpatona, built in 2011 and totally renewed in 2013-14, is an important location for pig premix and feed development. before offering the new products to our partners for large scale use, we have the opportunity to test their efficiency, the attainable production results and economic aspects in our pig farm of 200 sows. considering the potential of the farm in Lovászpatona. In 2018, we also intend to install a poultry test farm here.