INFORMATION - Agrofeed Ltd.'s operation policies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Partners!


            Regarding the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, besides many European countries, it is also affecting our country and we would like to inform our partners about the current position of Agrofeed Ltd. and about our requests from you to ensure that our production and services are available.

To ensure smooth production and continous administration, we had to take certain measures already some weeks ago.

  • The majority of our office-workers work in home-office, while some colleagues are on duty in the headquarters in Győr. The administrative procedures will be the same, customer needs will be fulfilled in the same way as before.
  • Our managers, dealers, professionals are available at any time on the phone, but we ask for your understanding that personal meetings are possible in justified cases upon customer request.
  • To defend our plant in Szalkszentmárton, we took measures weeks ago. These emergency measures will be in force until withdrawal, which will happen hopefully very soon after surmounting the epidemic.
    • We ask for your understanding for the fact, that until the end of the epidemic we can not accept guests at the plant.
    • Our colleagues are allowed into the plant only after hand and leg sanitization, they feel the responsibility for the serious consequences of the shutdown of a large company in the food-industry. Our colleagues are aware of the personal, industrial and office hygienic rules and they keep them. In the whole territory there are virucidal and other sanitizating liquids available. Personal contact (handshake) was replaced by verbal greeting.
    • In order to comply with the taken measures we provide all the necessary instruments and equipment.
    • Drivers, executing incoming and outgoing shipments are not allowed to enter the reception building, they signal their arrival by ringing and the colleagues from the reception go to the parking place wearing the adequate anti-virus gear. The drivers are allowed to leave their vehicles only for the time of covering and uncovering the load, and for this time our colleagues keep 5 meters of distance from them. Just like usually, they can not enter the territory of the plant. We have regulated also the handling of documents.

We inform our partners that our company has sufficient stock for the complete fulfillment of customer needs and will do everything these needs by maximally exploiting our resources. However, our free capacities are limited, and for this reason we ask you not to store huge quantities, but please order the quantities which are necessary for the day-to-day operation. Weekly and monthly quantities, which are similar to he previous times can be fulfilled but for our disappointment, we can not accept and fulfill significantly increased partner orders.

We will inform you regarding the possible changes by all means.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Tibor Csitkovics, Executive Director

Agrofeed Ltd.