Our second premix plant

Exactly 10 years after the opening of our first plant in Szalkszentmárton, Hungary, on 4 October we opened our new premix plant in Yasnogorsk, Tula County, Russia. The construction of the facility began in May 2015 and was completed in 17 months. The plant is fully automated and its two production lines are capable of producing an overall annual quantity of 60 thousand tons of premixes. The basic machinery was supplied by the Dutch Van Aarsen company. The facility was designed and the installation of the plant supervised by Multimix Ltd., a Hungarian company based in the city of Tata. The production tower of a useful floor space of 1.400 sq. metres, the tank farm assisting the manufacturing process, the warehouse and the office were constructed by a Russian main contractor under the supervision of the construction engineers of Agrofeed.

In a manner similar to the facility operating in Szalkszentmárton, the Russian plant was equipped with a,eAn code based basic material registration and identification system, high precision micro element feeders and fast mixers with a fluid system. The 36-metre tall production tower enables an ultra-secure, fully vertical manufacturing process, in which all components travel in a downward direction, never moving sideways or up. The packaging and palletizing of finished goods is fully automated, requiring no manual intervention, whatsoever. The laboratory equipped with the most up-to-date instruments forms a key element of the project. This is indispensable for the servicing of our Russian customers who have become accustomed to the quality ensured by our Hungarian plant.

Staring from 2017, Agrofeed's distribution network, which covers the entire Russian Federation, will supply products to its close to 100 Russian partners, including the most prominent poultry and pig integrations, from the new plant. This will enable the company to improve the security and flexibility of supply, reduce order lead times and improve the competitiveness of its products.

After the words of welcome expressed by István Szekeres and Tibor Csitkovics owners and the introduction of the new plant, Alexey Dyumin, the Governor of Tula County, Dr. László Szabó, the Hungarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dr. István Nagy, the Hungarian Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Evgeny Gromyko, the Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture also praised the investment at the inauguration ceremony.

The Yasnogorsk factory of Agrofeed is the most recent and most up-to-date premix plant in Russia, as well as being the second largest Hungarian investment ever implemented in Russia and financed exclusively from private sources.

Agrofeed's objective behind the investment is to double its market share during the upcoming years in Europe's largest and most populous country.