Partnership between Schothorst Feed Research and polutry business divison of Agrofeed Ltd.

Agrofeed Ltd. provides its domestic and international partners with quality products and raw materials. Premixes are formulated for all species based on genetic, technological and production requirements and on the feeding strategies of modern animal husbandry, in consideration of the latest research and practical results, as well as international recommendations.

Focusing on innovation and research and development, Agrofeed Ltd. decided to expand to the poultry business division the successful professional cooperation already pursued by the company with Schothorst Feed Research Institute with respect to the pig business branch.

Schothorst is separate, international, independent research centre committed to developing feeding expertise. The organization and its partners work closely together to implement an innovative feeding concept, in addition to the centre's initiative to make the latest research results part of every day production activities.

The cooperation between Schothorst Feed Research and Agrofeed Ltd. enables us to offer comprehensive up-to-date professional support to our partners, for the purpose of increasing production efficiency and improving profitability.