Agrofeed Ltd. is the 2016 business of the year

The Prestige Prize is awarded every year to the corporate executive and the company, from amongst participants active on the local market, that have attained the most significant results and that have made the biggest contribution to the development of their environment. There is noble competition between the county's businesses and this truly prestigious prize is awarded only to those companies that have really worked hard for the successes they have attained.

A moral support for growth

The Győr based Agrofeed Ltd., which plays an important role in the food chain, is the manufacturer and distributor of vitamin supplements that are indispensable for livestock feed production. The company commenced its operations in 2001 and today sells 100 thousand tons of products in an overall value of 23 BHUF, thereby ensuring the livelihoods of 170 employees and their families. The company's automated plant supplies products to feed plants and livestock production integrations operating in an additional 20 countries.

The two owners, Tibor Csitkovics and István Szekeres regard the Prestige Prize, as “more than a simple recognition”. They believe that:

This prize confirms that our achievement is also important for the city, the county and for Hungary. It provides moral support for future growth, for constructing new plants, for applying the latest technologies and for expanding our export markets.