Agrofeed Ltd. opened its new premix plant in Yasnogorsk, in Tula County in October 2016. The Yasnogorsk factory is the most up-to-date premix plant in Russia. It enables the annual manufacturing of 60 thousand tons of premixes and concentrates. The premix plant consists of two fully automated 1,400 sq. metre vertical production lines based on Van Aarsen technology. The plant is services by a 1,200 sq. metre office block, a tank block consisting of 50 silos, a 5,000 sq. metre warehouse and an automated bagging and palletizing facility servicing both production lines. One of the most important units of the factory is the 250 sq metre lab equipped with the most up-to-date instruments.


One of Europe's most modern premix, concentrate and prestarter producing factories operates in central Hungary, in the vicinity of Szalkszentmárton (in Nagyvadas).

The plant was established in 2005 with the help of EU funding, and modernized in 2010 from our own resources and has a capacity of 40 thousand tons.

In both plants:

  • The production of safe and reliable products is ensured by the latest Dutch Van Aarsen technology equipment, e.g. SID and MID micro component dosing units, c, and granulating lines with dual hygienic conditioners. The human error factor is completely eliminated by the automated production line. Our automated manufacturing line has been synchronized after its launch with a Microsoft Navision ERP and production can be monitored from every aspect. This guarantees a fail-safe, precise and quick process. The basis of traceability and identification is the EAN code system used in all fields.
  • Incoming ingredients and raw materials are assigned a LOT number before being used. A product code and customer identification code is also assigned to enable the traceability f all products at any stage of production, with maximum security. An EAN code system is also used in the course of filling silos and preparing or measuring premixes and semi-finished products. End-products identification guarantees perfect security while dealing with the goods. Within 2 minutes, the high- speed mixers are able to mix homogeneous end-products with ease and the highest accuracy, even in the case of the smallest quantities. We have implemented regular controls that have created better results than the international standards. The homogeneity cV in the case of premixes does not exceed 2.5% while in case of feeds, this value is only 7%. Up-to-date bagging lines and palletizing ABB robots are responsible for completing our end-products.