After sales services

In addition to product quality, another key to the successes of Agrofeed is regular consulting and service provision on the farms. Successful production is the only recipe for long term relations with our partners . this is our common interest. Our activity covers not only Hungary, but international markets as well, therefore most of our consultants are multi-lingual (English and/or Russian, German and Ukrainian.

Consultation activities:

  1. in addition to preparing and maintaining basic recipes and cost optimization, also preparing new or altered recipes in the event of changes in prices or the raw material base,
  2. we help with the intake and toxin examinations of raw material and compound feeds,
  3. feeding and feed production consultancy, with the involvement of external experts, if needed,
  4. technology and operation consultancy,
  5. reproduction biology consultancy,
  6. animal health advise and consultancy with the involvement of external experts,
  7. management consultancy.

Our services are backed up by regular partner meetings, professional conferences and internal trainings, which all contribute to the sharing of up-to-date knowledge and help the exchange of experience between our partners.

Our company's dynamic development and results and the success of the partners collaborating with us would not be possible without the professional skills and the work commitment of the managers and employees of Agrofeed Ltd. The everyday utilization of up-to-date knowledge and practical experience in product development and manufacturing, as well as professional services, i.e. the servicing of our partners, is the central element of our strategy.

The everyday activities of Agrofeed's professionals at our animal raising and feed manufacturing partners play a significant role in the market successes of the company. These activities extend to the development of up to date recipes, as well as everyday trading and consultation activities.