Agrofeed group

The Agrofeed group consists of the following companies, in addition to Agrofeed Ltd.: the Russian ooo «Agrofeed Rus», the Ukrainian ToV «Agrofeed Ukraina» and the Hungarian Vivafarm and Vivagen.

Thanks to the activities of its more than 400 employees, Agrofeed Group generated sales turnover in a value in excess of 30 billion HUF. Our company's dynamic development and results and the success of the partners collaborating with us would not be possible without the professional skills and the work commitment of the managers and employees of Agrofeed Ltd. The everyday utilization of up-to-date knowledge and practical experience in product development and manufacturing, as well as professional services, i.e. the servicing of our partners, is the central element of our strategy.

Annual Report of the Energy Specialist:
2018 Agrofeed Ltd.

OOO «Agrofeed Rus»

Agrofeed’s activity started in 2001, in Tula, Russia federation. Our commercial entity is dealing with more than 2 million tons of compound feed per year.

This volume clearly shows the importance of the Russian market, as with our 10% share we are one of the most significant premix suppliers of the leading pig and poultry integrations. Encouraged by the success, our new company’s ooo «Agrofeed Rus» premix factory has been completed in 2016, as part of a greenfield investment. The factory is located in Yasnogorsk from where the Russian, Belarusian, Uzbek, and Kazakh markets will be supplied.

TOV «Agrofeed Ukraina»

Our company in Kiev organizes commercial and consulting activities on the Ukrainian market, including product registration, customs clearance, storage and transport. Our pig and poultry production partners are the leading companies in the Ukrainian animal breeding sector.

In addition to the 40 employees working and taking care of personal realtions with the customers in Eastern Europe, Agrofeed Ltd.’s Hungarian managers and professionals also take part in Russian and Ukrainian projects. They play an integral part in trading, market development and consulting activities.


The artificial insemination station based in Bag and specializing in pigs has been supplying the pig-breeding sector with pre-cooled sperm and reproduction biology consultancy.

Thus, to be able to optimize production results, we not only provide feeding advice but also support partners from the aspects of production and reproduction biology.


The test farm in Lovászpatona, built in 2011 and totally renewed in 2013-14, is an important place for pig premix and feed development.

Before offering new products to our partners for large scale use, we have the opportunity to test their efficiency, the production results attainable and the economic aspects at our pig farm consisting of 200 sows. Considering the potential of the farm in Lovászpatona, in the near future we also wish to install a poultry test farm here.


Fitoprodukt Ltd., ALM Ltd. and Vivafarm Pig Slaughterhouse Lábod Ltd. operate as part of a closed vertical integration, in the southern section of Somogy County, predominantly in the vicinity of the city of Barcs.

The primary products of the integration include: Half carcasses, live fattening pigs, sowing seeds, sunflower for agricultural use. The classical agricultural crops produced are used within the integration

Annual Report of the Energy Specialist:
2018 Fitoprodukt Ltd.
2018 ALM Ltd.
2018 Pig Slaughterhouse Lábod Ltd.