Agrofeed Ltd. was established in 2001; it is from this year that we started selling our products on the Hungarian and Eastern European markets. The owner, Tibor Csitkovics play an active role in the company's activities as managing directors.

We initially mandated subcontractors to manufacture our products, before opening our up-to-date premix, concentrate and prestarter production plant in Szalkszentmárton, in the middle of the country, in 2005. Our Russian factory equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies was completed at the end of 2016.

  • Since 2001, Agrofeed Ltd. has been a dynamically developing company operating with an efficient and modern organizational structure, and the company currently manufactures premixes and feed supplements in a quantity that allows for the production of more than 4 million tons of compound feeds.
  • Our share of the Hungarian market exceeds 35%, whilst we sell close to two thirds of our premixes in export markets, with Russia being the most prominent. We are also significant participants on a number of other markets.
  • The safety and the quality background of our products is guaranteed by our continuously developed premix and feed mixing plant operating in Hungary, which will also be supported by our new premix and concentrate plant to be opened in Russia by the end of 2016.
  • Being a modern, 21st century company, Agrofeed operates in consideration not only of its own business interests, but also those of its partners. In addition to managerial supervision, the activities of the company are coordinated by an up to date Navision ERP. This covers all corporate activities: product development, recipe optimization, purchasing, manufacturing, quality assurance, traceability, sales and business management.
  • The everyday activities of our professionals at our animal raising and feed manufacturing partners play a significant role in the market successes of the company. These activities extend to the development of up to date recipes, as well as everyday trading and consultation activities.