About us

  1. Agrofeed Ltd. is one of the most significant European producers of high quality premixes and feed additives, which hat selling its products not only in Hungary, but also in 20 other countries in Europe, the Middle east, and Northern Africa. For more than a decade, our company has been a reliable partner and internationally recognized supplier of top quality premixes to animal husbandry integrations and medium to large size animal husbandry companies and farms.
  2. Our partners can choose from more than 1000 standard and unique products made using the most up-to-date technology, the highest quality ingredients and the most appropriate feed premix, concentrate or pre-starter tailored to the specific production targets and feed production technology of our clients.
  3. Our company’s innovative improvements in feeding production are based on the latest research results and scientific literature and recommendations, as well as results from targeted research at our own test farm, as well as large scale experiments conducted in conjunction with our partners. Agrofeed Ltd’s up-to-date feed optimization service assures outstanding performance in meat, egg and milk production and enables our partners to attain a low feed conversion ratio and conduct cost effective husbandry.
  4. The keys to our success are good quality raw materials, quality controlled manufacturing and our exceptional professional service activity that extends not only to feed services delivered to animal farms and feed mixing plants, but also to the fields of technology, operational advice, reproduction biology, animal health and quality assurance. We also support the successful activities of our partners with the organization of regular partner meetings and training and the publication of professional periodicals and ad hoc materials.